Thu. May 30th, 2024

How to avoid (online) distractions while working

Do you recognize that, the many distractions during work? And does this bother you?? Now that we mostly work from home, distractions can make you unproductive, after all, there is so much going on around you.

Today I’m listing some tips on how not to get too distracted.

Distractions while at work

Assuming that many people work at home, the distraction of working will also be greater than when you work in an office. At home there are so many distractions. That it’s often hard to concentrate. Finally, the laundry still has to be done, there is still ironing waiting and ‘o wait’ also unpack the dishwasher right away.

But that’s not all, because think about online distractions, which are totally huge.

Working at home

Of course there are also advantages to working at home, you have no commute, you can make your own healthy lunch every day and with some extra’s you can also make your desk a very nice workplace. But the lack of the coffee talk with colleagues’and working together can be great.

What can you do to avoid online distractions

Probably many things speak for themselves, but why do we let ourselves get distracted from work so much?? Why is this and why are you so distracted??

Your mobile phone

Your mobile is probably the one thing that distracts you the most when you’re working. With every sound you look up and want to know whose app is that, who sends a picture or who has something to say. Turn off notifications when you are working and place the smartphone out of your sight.

Social media

No surprise, if anything is a distraction during work, it’s Social media. Checking facebook, liking some pictures on instagram and updating some boards on Pinterest. In fact, you should avoid social media and agree with yourself to only check it during your breaks.


Wide open, but therefore a pitfall, the internet. We all work with the internet, even if it is to look something up while working, but beware, don’t fall into the trap that you are suddenly shopping online while working, because with just a little aimless surfing on the net, you can easily lose the whole afternoon. Try to adjust your surfing behavior, don’t do this while working, but turn on your laptop in the evening for this.


Make sure you ’ll start first thing in the morning with emptying your mailbox and also take the time in the afternoon for this, make sure you do not constantly check your mail while working, if you do this then you are distracted every time while working and you do not get to your own work.

What else can you do?

Okay we now know what causes distractions during work, so sounds off, agree with yourself that you leave social media aside, Surfing the Internet we do after work and what else can we do with it?


What’s important is that you plan for distractions while you’re working. This lets you know exactly where you stand, also plan your breaks and get away from your laptop, make a healthy lunch and go for a walk outside for a while. Especially when you work at home, you quickly tend to just keep going on and on.

Get your rest too.

Are you still distracted?

Reading the above, it should be fine. Plan your household chores, work while the kids are at school and take your breaks. I recognize it all and also really try to leave my Social Media ( that piece not related to my blog) for later.

For example, I personally like to watch youtube videos of creatives with their Junk Journal and save them for my breaks. I have to take these anyway and then I sit quietly with my cup of tea enjoying someone else’s work and in the meantime I think about what I can paste into my journal myself .