Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

The road- Creative with wool and explanation of crochet stitches

Every week it is again a feast to see what fun idea to the themes’s of Crea Cross in the link header the site of Kreamino come up. Today’s theme is the road. I grabbed a crochet hook and thread and got to work.

The road

I found it quite a tricky theme again, because of invent to this week’s theme ‘the way’? Every Thursday the theme comes to life on the site of Kreanimo. Because any other creative blogger can post her blog here with the same topic. This gives you a lot of different creative interpretations. One is photographing, the other is drawing, crafting, painting or, like me, crocheting.

Volkswagen Bus

With this week’s theme, I quickly thought of transportation. You can find different crochet patterns of cars’s, buses or bicycles. I really liked the Volkswagen bus I found on Freubelweb and decided to make this one. Two of my husband’s nieces are both busy with lessons for their driver’s licenses and when they have their coveted pink license I can stick these vans on a card and send it to them or maybe make keychains of them (I’ll make two with smaller crochet needles)

What you need for these fun crochet projects

  • crochet hook of your choice ( I used 3)
  • white wool
  • different colors of wool
  • vlit
  • buttons

Here is the pattern for Flo ’s Campervan by Flo and Dot.

I made the vans in an afternoon of crocheting, I just had to check again what the translations of the crochet terms to Dutch were. And believe me that is quite difficult. Because not only are stitches called differently in English. There is also a difference in the English and American terms. Because of this you have to know if the maker is from England or the USA. For example, a “sc” is a singles crochet , in English a half solid stitch and in American a solid. So suddenly your crochet work can look very different. On this site you can find all the differences in Dutch, English and American terms.

I also crocheted these cute little airplanes last year, when we went to America by plane.No theme the road, but transportation 🙂

Crea Cross

Curious about all the other interpretations of ‘ the road’ take a look at the blog of Kreanimo