Thu. May 30th, 2024

Send Christmas cards

Send Christmas cards. Every year I think again; I will send them or I will not send them? Somehow I think it’s fun and I also think it’s l*l if someone sends a ticket and I don’t send anything back. On the other hand, it costs money every year and it costs a mountain of paper. A friend of mine has not been sending tickets for years and pours the money she saves to a good cause.

That actually belongs much more to the Christmas spirit. Yet I admit every year. There are also such nice cards and it looks so cozy.

This year I was invited to order Christmas cards at Kaartwereld.NL. I took a look at the website and was pleasantly surprised by the options. This made the choice, just to send cozy Christmas cards again, easier.

Christmas cards with photo

Before I had children, my dogs or cats were regularly on a Christmas card. I then made a nice bad Christmas photo of the animals and tinkered a map of this. Since I have children I don’t actually do that anymore. Two years ago I crafted very nice Christmas cards with my little man’s footprints. Last year something like this didn’t get it and I just bought a random box of Christmas cards.

This year I wanted something personal. On map world.I therefore chose the Christmas cards with photo.

I could choose from a huge number of cards so that did give a little choice stress. After long weighing and weighing, I chose a modern card where you could incorporate your own photo. The nice thing is that you can still edit the card. You can add text, pictures and even effects on your photo.

You can also brighten up the inside with pictures and you can choose from original fonts, so you don’t have to go for Comic Sans again. Ideal so. After some rumbling and sliding with the photo I ordered a package of it. You can choose whether you want to have them sent immediately if they want to receive as a package at home.

I chose the latter because I just give a lot of Christmas cards like that. I ordered them on Monday and immediately had them delivered the next day. I like that, because if I order or buy something I want to have it as soon as possible.

I’m not so good at waiting.

The cards are very sturdy and of a good quality. The matching envelopes were supplied and the little man put them all in an envelope. He felt like a real postman.

They also went to the post this week, so I wonder if the grandpas and grandmas are as happy with them as we are.

Do you also want to send beautiful Christmas cards? Then quickly go to the Kaartwereld website.NL. You can find crazy cards there from 49 cents.

Happy Holidays!

You also send Christmas cards? Make them yourself or buy a box?

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