Thu. May 30th, 2024

Getting your eyes checked after age 40, why this is so important

The older we get the more often we say; ‘when I read a book, I can’t read the letters as well as I used to.’ Still, getting your eyes checked is not something people often do. Also not after the age of 40. And why not actually?

Why keep walking with headaches, poor vision and dry eyes?

Help my arms are too short

I myself am a lens wearer, I wear medical lenses because I have the eye disease keratoconus, now without lenses I see nothing and with, I can function quite well. Every year I need new lenses and because my vision keeps changing I have my eyes checked at the hospital. The new lenses I get are difficult to make and they don’t always fit right away. Just like the last time.

In the distance I could see well, but up close I saw nothing. Or when I wanted to read a book, I couldn’t read a letter anymore. And then came the story that besides my lenses I might have to have (reading) glasses, this has nothing to do with my eye disease, but purely with my age.

Your eyes change

After you turn 40, farsightedness due to age can occur I read online. And when I look around me, I see this. I see peers with glasses and then only for reading or driving, but they do have one. This deterioration of your eyes is a natural part of the aging process.

The problem is quite easy to solve with reading glasses or bifocals. And if you are reluctant to wear glasses you can always opt for contact lenses too.

Less tear fluid

Did you know that after age forty, tear production also decreases? This is especially common in women after menopause. I also suffer from this because of my lenses.

What I use myself, especially when the heater is on at home in winter, are artificial eye drops. I have special drops for contact lenses, these and normal drops for dry eyes can be bought at the drugstore. I like being able to moisturize my eyes once in a while.

Getting your eyes checked

Do you notice frequent headaches, increasing difficulty reading small print and dry eyes? Get your eyes checked at the optician or try one of those cheap drugstore glasses. Probably you do not need a very strong minus or plus at all, but it will just help you.