Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Italian design, Athison's unique collection, jewelry and more

Italian design jewelry, belts and other accessories. At Italian they already had me. Not only do I love Italy, its ice creams, pizza and beaches, but also a great fashion city like Milan, I love coming there.

Jewelry and belts that are cool, elegant and also environmentally friendly. These are the products of Athison. Made in Italy and of great quality.

Italian design

I am of the jewelry. You can make me happy with bracelets, watches and necklaces. I just love it. Not my husband, he wears a watch and his wedding ring and that's it.

When I received this bracelet, my first reaction was immediately; ‘ This is also something for him’. So a uni-sex ornament.

Beautiful leather products

Athison's website is very inspiring. Beautiful pictures’s of beautiful leather products. Besides bags, belts, bracelets there is even room for the real golf lovers. The products look stylish, think card holders and makeup bags.

When I look at the website I see real Italian quality products. and I think of Milan, with its beautiful stylish people.

Crossed armbands

I chose the dark brown leather bracelet. Beautiful, cool stylish and for both men and women. Because of the gold link I find it very chic and the leather makes it very stylish and also tough.

The bracelet was delivered to my home in a beautiful package and protected in a pouch where I put it ’s honor back in at night as well. The bracelet is certainly not cheap it costs €89.00. It's definitely a uni-sex ornament, beautiful for both husband and wife, although for my husband it should be a little bigger and maybe a little wider too.

What is Athison

Athison is a specialized leather company that produces exclusive collection of belts, bracelets, small accessories and luxury purses, business and sports bags.

The unique collection, produced by braided items, are synonymous with style and elegance, for both men and women. Eco-friendly raw materials and sophisticated colors, are time and again combined with the constant development of new materials, to create endless combinations.

Life is a story of connections, we don't just make accessories, we weave lifestyles.

The website is now only in English and Italian. By the way, what I regret is that the bag I see on the website is nowhere to be found. Which is very cool!