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Excessable notebook and flashcards from Correctbook

Do you already know Correctbook? They are super handy notebooks, in which you can continue to write infinitely. Ideal now with school work at home.

How this works? And why CorrectBook is entering into a partnership with the Red Cross here.

Practicing with the erasable notebook from Correctbook

At home we are in favor of using an erasable notebook from Correctbook. We have been using this for some time and they are now mainly used in making school work. The use of a correctbook is durable, because if they are ready to practice, we will clean the pages and they can use the notebook for another course.

It saves a lot in (draft) paper.

Flashcards from Correctbook

In addition to a notebook, we also use flashcards, these are new in the Correctbook range. And these cards are, just like the notebooks, sustainable. We now use them to practice English words for school.

On the one hand, the Dutch word and on the other are the English word. The youngest finds this easier to learn, than from a stencil and when he is done with these words, I will delete the words with a wisphy cloth. I also use the flashcards more and more often to write down my shopping list, but also to write notes. You can reuse these erasable flashcards infinitely.

Which makes it good for the environment and for your wallet! In addition, CorrectBook ensures that with your purchase you contribute to a solution for illiteracy. CorrectBook donates one trimester to wisely writing material in Africa for every flashcard package sold.

Features of the Correctbook Flashcards:

  • 144 Excessable Flashcards
    • Color: blue, yellow, green & Red
    • Format: 7.5cm x 11 cm

    Limited statement of the erasable notebooks.

    Correctbook is now launching a special edition of this visible notebook in collaboration with the Red Cross. No less than 8.26 euros of each Red Cross Correctbook sold goes to the fight against the COVID-19 Virus. A limited statement of 10.000 Red Cross Correctbooks is produced with the aim of a yield of at least 80.000 euros to be realized. The money is used for:

    • Support for GGDs and hospitals
    • Red Cross Helpline
    • Central collection of protective equipment and medical devices

    Characteristics of this Red Cross Edition Excertainable Notebook:

    • Red front and back
    • A5 format (21 cm x 14.8 cm)
    • Correctbook® Unbind & Click ring binder
    • 20 Correctbook® Core Excertainable sheets (40 pages)
    • A unique number (between 1 and 10.000) of the limited edition
    • 1 Black erasable Correctbook® pen (0.6 mm)
    • 1 Correctbook® wipe
    • Supporting Correctbook® Scan App
    • Infinitely- & Drawing pleasure

    What is a correctbook?

    Correctbook is a successful social enterprise that has been selling visible notebooks in the Netherlands and various other European countries for several years. In 2015, Sam van Tol started the company to provide children with a part of the proceeds in developing countries in Africa with writing materials that will go infinitely. The distressing shortage of something so obvious as a writing material inspired Sam during a holiday in South Africa to come up with a solution.

    That solution, an infinitely rewritable notebook, proved to meet an important need in both Africa and Europe.

    The visible notebook saves a lot of paper, both when using at home and in business. You can supplement and exchange the magazines from the book to classify the book entirely to your own liking. There are lined, checkered, blank or other types of sheets available.

    CorrectBook produces personalized notebooks on a large scale for companies and organizations that want to make it more sustainable. With part of the proceeds, projects are set up in Africa and supported with which the same visible writing material is produced locally and distributed in children in difficult circumstances.

    Excessable notebook and flashcards from Correctbook. Keep writing

    Everyone a correctbook

    As far as I'm concerned, a notebook from Correctbooks is really recommended. We use this (just like the flashcards) so much and if I check what I would use otherwise on scrap paper, then this is so much more durable and better for the environment.