Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

Go to school well prepared with the right bags

Schools have already started for many children. Now that the boys go to grades 6 and 5, it is no longer just an apple and a drink that have to go in the school bag. Folders, pencil cases’s and diaries’ll have to come along too.

Bear in mind that the sneakers are getting bigger too. New bags are needed!

Bring more to school

The boys have outgrown their old backpacks and gym bags and not only because they are getting older and want a cool bag, but also because they have to take more and more stuff with them to school. Recently we went into town to buy new sneakers, agendas’s and folders. Because now that they are entering the higher grades, homework will also have to be taken with them.

All that goes into their own folder. This folder has to be taken to school every day and back again. In addition, the oldest takes his agenda with him every day to write down all the assignments and then of course a pencil case as well.

Walking to school

Because we do not live far from school, they always walk to school. The eldest now has gym class twice a week and the youngest once a week. The gym is not far away, but they have to walk a bit for it.

A good gym bag is nice then. The sneakers are getting bigger, so the bag must be sturdy and the straps should not cut into the shoulders. Because the boys both needed a new bag, we searched the site of Duifhuizen bags and suitcases.

The backpack of Duifhuizen bags and suitcases

The oldest looked for a cool boys backpack. And absolutely loved the Dakine school backpack. This Dakine backpack from the Grom series is specially designed for children to take to school. So they have trendy designs and various safety features, such as reflective details and even a hazard whistle.

He can store his pencil case, diary and books in the bag in an orderly fashion. In the two nets on the side you can keep a bottle of water, for example! The bag is comfortable because of the wide straps and the extra pocket on top is ideal for his sunglasses..

The Zebra Trends Gym bag

The youngest loves Dino’s. He fell immediately for the Zebra Trends Gym bag which is full of cool dino’s. The gym bag is big enough for his gym gear and carries comfortably because of the not-too-thin strings. There is a zipper in the front of the bag where he can put his keys if necessary.

The bag is cool in color and design.

Ted Baker shopper

Well not only the boys here at home go to school. I also have the occasional occasion when I need a bag bigger than my handbag. I like to learn. Also as a blogger I still sometimes go to Events or occasions where I meet other Bloggers. Because in addition to my handbag, I also want to take my water and notebook, this chic Ted Baker Shopper is ideal.

This shopper is not only beautiful in color and design, it also wears nicely on my arm and features eye-catching accessories such as a bow and texts on the side of the bag.