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9x forest games: the best games for the forest

By Naomi – It can be hard to come up with fun outings for children, always looking for activities to do. Sometimes you get nothing and just stay at home. This can also be different! There is nature everywhere?

Whether hot or cold, the forest is always a good idea.

Stomp in the puddles with your rain boots or jump over the branches, there is plenty to do!
A walk in the woods is great, fresh air, a good time with the kids. But what if I told you I know 9 fun games to play in the woods? Read with me quickly!

1. Build a hut

Find as many twigs as possible and make a hut out of them, who will have made the hut first?
Of course, this doesn’t have to be a mega castle! Here dragging branches is always a hit, often there is already a part of a hut to find somewhere so we are not the only ones who get started with this. Have you done this before?

2. Collect 5 different things

These can be random things or you can choose a theme. For example 5 leaves, flowers or nuts.
Arrange this in advance. Provide a container or bag for them to collect this in. You will see that they will search specifically for the things and that you will find more along the way than you expect!

For example, I notice that on a walk in the woods we often pass by things that we actually see during such a scavenger hunt.

3. Find the tallest trees

Every forest has trees of course, so you can always play this game. Of course it is impossible to measure exactly, but make a good guess. Which tree is the highest?

Do you find one that is taller or are they all smaller? Find the king of the forest? Be careful not to look up too much, or you will stumble!

4. Hide and seek (upside down)

Another advantage of all those trees, you can easily hide there! Behind the trees, but of course also in the trees. If you are with a group, I have a fun variation on this old-fashioned game. Hide and seek upside down.

Now there is not 1 seeker, but 1 who is hiding. The rest will search for the one who is hiding. When you find the one you sit there quietly.

Just until the whole group is together! Who is the last one?

5. What is gone?

For this game you can bring objects from home, but of course you can also look for them on the spot first. Choose 5 objects. Put them on the ground and let the kids study them for a while.

Let them close their eyes and quickly remove 1 object. As soon as they open their eyes they can guess which object you have taken away. You can always add extra objects if it’s too easy.
Combine it with game number 2.

6. Trail

Here they love trail. First run straight ahead, then at the 4th tree make a turn, further on jump over 3 branches and on the way back hop on 1 leg only. Of course you have to adjust this completely on the spot, because it just depends on the environment.

If you have a lot of branches, let them jump over them or try to balance them. There is a fun route in every forest. Let your children think along in this, they are often even more creative.

7. Move like a tree

Do you recognize those gym classes from the past? I can still hear the teacher saying: Stand firmly on the ground, close your eyes and spread your arms wide. Move with the wind like a tree.

How does the wind blow through the branches, are you solid enough on the ground??
When autumn comes the leaves fall from the trees, show with your hands how the leaves swirl down. Oh no, here comes the lumberjack, he chops down the tree and bang!! This is how the tree falls down, how soft is your landing on the leaves?!

8. Making letters

Provide enough twigs and try to make letters with the branches. How many letters can you make? Is it also possible to make words or do you still have to look for more branches??

9. Throw it

Jeux de boules, you know the game? This is a variant especially for the forest. Look for pine cones for this game. Draw a circle a few meters away.

Make sure everyone has a pine cone and toss them alternately towards the circle. The one who throws the closest to the circle has won Of course you can always move the circle or make it a little bigger/smaller if needed. This will take some trial and error.

Fortunately, there is plenty of room in the forest!

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