Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

Wear more color? It works with these tips

Do you have bright colors in your closet or do you find more black, white and dark here? Are you more of the latter? I went looking for how to get more color in a closet.

Safe black

Safe black or bright colors. What type are you and do you use these colors in your winter collection or are they only in your summer clothes?? I have often mentioned the bohemian style, which is very colorful, flirty and often wide and long.

For the summer I have enough of these in my closet, but for the winter I have more black and dark clothes.

More color in the wardrobe

Cheerful colors often give a happy feeling too. That’s why it’s so good to have them in your wardrobe. For men, this is just the same.

Why always wear dark and solid colors. Choose something different, choose color. How about a burgundy shirt like the one in the picture? This is a knit 100% cotton shirt. Tightly tailored with a Profuomo Slim Fit fit.

It looks like a shirt, but it wears like a t-shirt and the deep red color makes it fine to wear privately as well as to work.

  • Wear more color? You can with these tips

Tips for you

Colors, like lingerie for that matter, can give confidence. But also influence our mood. If you wear red, it radiates confidence, energy and passion.

And when you wear blue, you radiate tranquility. Yellow in addition gives you a better feeling, you feel happier and you are optimistic. Pink is said to radiate kindness and green says you want to be successful. Do you also want to shine in these colors?

It doesn’t have to be very wild. You can add more color to your closet with these tips:

  • If you want to wear more color but always stick very much to black, start with neutral colors like beige or soft pink, so don’t start too wild right away.
  • Go for a brightly colored bag. This you do not wear all day with you but at times gives just that extra’s
  • Wear a scarf, which is how I started the bohemian style I love, with a happy scarf in my hair.
  • A colored jacket can do a lot for your clothes.
  • Makeup and jewelry can do a lot for your style. Would you still like to wear black you can by a striking color nail polish or earrings just a little extra’s to your outfit.
  • If you do wear black, choose a striking accent. For example, I wore a black dress and tights for Christmas, but had on striking red boots. Or a black skirt with an accent.
  • Choose a print, even with dark or black clothes that print gives just a little extra’s.