Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

Knitting a Cocoon turtleneck from Stricka

On Stricka’s Facebook page I saw the Cocoon turtleneck scarf. I’ve asked Stricka for help before because the site has lots of great tips around knitting. I have been knitting for a long time, but this was my first time knitting with a circular needle.

New, but so much fun.

Warm in winter

Meanwhile I have been knitting and crocheting for a year or so. I started with hats and scarves for others, I am knitting more and more for myself. Cardigans are my favorite.

Although I still have trouble reading patterns. I can still find abbreviations online, but sometimes I get completely lost and can turn to Stricka for help.

Stricka.nl is a super useful site where you can find information about knitting, pattern reading, stitches, translations of patterns. Very easy. Now I saw on the Facebook page Lara from Stricka with a beautiful Cocoon turtleneck scarf.

In a video she showed how you could make these and what you needed for it. I had never knitted with a circular needle before so I found this quite a challenge.

Stricka Cocoon turtleneck

The pattern of the Cocoon turtleneck is clear and easy to do, the Cocoon turtleneck can be knitted in a weekend. I used a 10 needle so I worked more stitches than indicated (60 instead of 48). And used a ball of Julia from the Zeeman. The first round was tricky, because the yarn all pulled a bit and was difficult to go over the pins, after the first straight stitches it went fine.

I did make a mistake once by knitting an extra row straight and didn’t find this out until late, I didn’t dare take the stitches out because then I wouldn’t know where I was, so I made this ‘mistake’ again later so it looked like a pattern.

The turtleneck knitted like crazy. In a weekend of knitting this one was finished. I’m going to knit a few more Cocoon turtleneck scarves, it’s so easy is nice and warm around my neck.