Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

The Liliane Fund picture book ‘Ethny talks with her hands’

The Lilian Foundation Has a new Golden Book. A picture book about Ethny, a girl with hearing problems. Together with local organizations in Africa, Asia and Latin America, the Liliane Fund improves the quality of life and future opportunities for children with disabilities.

Children like Ethnic.

New golden book

The Liliane Fund recently launched a new Golden Booklet: ‘Ethny talks with her hands’. The picture book is about Ethny, a girl with hearing difficulties from Guatemala. With this Golden Booklet, the Liliane Fonds, which works for children with disabilities in developing countries, wants to pass on to Dutch children what it is like to live with a disability in one of the poorest places in the world and how important it is to help these kids.

The life story of Ethny

For the new Golden Booklet, award-winning author Annemarie Haverkamp drew inspiration from the life story of 6-year-old Ethny. She’s one of 65.502 children helped by the Liliane Fund in 2020. Before help, Ethny had difficulty communicating with her family because of her hearing problem and felt lonely.

Thanks to the Liliane Fund, Ethny and her mother now receive (digital) lessons in sign language. As a result, mother and daughter can finally understand each other and Ethny is making more and more friends with neighborhood kids and classmates.

source Chiara Beltramini source Chiara Beltramini

Making children aware

With this picture book the Liliane Fund wants to make children more aware of the situation of children with disabilities who grow up in the poorest places in the world. First, you may think this is a book for children, but adults will also find the story beautiful and moving. This picture book ‘Ethny talks with her hands’ is suitable to read to children aged 3 and up and to older children (aged 6 and up) who can already read on their own.

‘Ethny talks with her hands’ is now available from the Liliane Fund website and available in hard copy, e-book or audio version. By purchasing the Golden Book, you contribute to the happiness of life for children with disabilities in developmental drawers. This golden book is illustrated by Emanuel Wiemans and the listening version is voiced by actor also ambassador Fedja van HuĂȘt.

Three golden books

Ethny talks with her hands’ is the third Golden Book published by the Liliane Fund in collaboration with Rubinstein. Previously released in 2020: ‘Sempeta only wants to become one thing …’ and ‘Aisha never gives up!out.


But how to get this book? This third golden book you get when you make a donation to the Liliane Fund more information can be found on the site. Last week I was allowed to attend the presentation of this beautiful picture book. A picture book with a story and a message. Ethny’s story is poignant and shows what good work this Fund does.

In other words, you support a good cause and receive a beautiful (pre)reading book.