Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

What are we eating today? And where do you get your inspiration from?

What are we eating today? That is the big question every time. I also get asked this question several times a day by the guys, by the way. Twice a week I go shopping, I plan in advance what we are going to eat. During the week I cook and on the weekends the husband.

He often comes up with an idea of what he wants to cook. But still, I sometimes find it hard to decide what to put on the table next,


Four days a week I exercise. Athletics twice, climbing a few times and bootcamp. When we have to go to athletics, I eat with the boys at a quarter to five . So I take this into account when shopping. I then make a pan dish or something that can be heated in the oven.

So the man can eat later.

stew food

I also keep in mind that I do not prepare mashed potatoes on the days that I have to work out.. After all, this is heavy fare and that is not good sport. So I often prepare a pasta when I go to Boot Camp.

But anyway, a big favorite of the kids is potatoes, vegetables and meat, so that’s what we’re making today.

The best burger ever

Usually on Saturdays we opt for a homemade soup or burger. Big favorite in the house is the Mexican burger from Flying foodie. If you’re a real burger fanatic like us, then you should definitely try these once.

What do we eat today

Besides the big question ‘what are we eating today?’ there is also the question of where do I get my inspiration from? This is how I always read the Jumbo magazine. The Allerhande and the Groceries. Here I tear out everything that seems tasty to me.

Before it gets into the recipe folder, some of my recipes always fall through because they seem too complicated or have strange (in my eyes) ingredients. Those none that I keep I prepare and if I like it the recipe stays in the folder and otherwise I throw the recipe away.

Closet full of cookbooks

In the time I worked as a weight consultant I collected a large collection of cookbooks and then I am especially a fan of the books by ChicksloveFood, Uit Paulines keuken or the books by Rens Kroes . But also a book like Food truck bites which I found at the Xenox last year (and from which that delicious recipe from Flying Foodies comes) I often take out of the cupboard. Of course I also bake.

Looking for more recipes

I have an over delicious recipe with cod and mint. You can find this recipe here.

But also a super healthy omelet recipe with lots of vegetables. You can read the recipe here.

Or make your own waffles at the weekend. Here’s the recipe.

Curious about cookbooks for inspiration: Here you can find a lot of them