Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

A bohemian garden. This should not be missed

Getting started with the garden might be the first thing you can do in spring. Do you like adventure, color, Ibiza, summer and sun?? Bring back the laid-back vibe of Ibiza in a bohemian garden. How to do it and what should not be missed?

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The laid back vibes of Ibiza

Do you love bright colors, love the outdoors and that laid-back vibe that comes with Ibiza. Then maybe a Bohemian garden is for you too. The question is, of course, whether we will be able to go on vacation again this year or spend a lot of time in our garden or on our balcony? Besides, we do not always have to go away to sunny places to get that outdoor feeling. Because you can do it in your own garden.

Add a touch of bohemian style to your garden.

A bohemian garden

Do you like colors, patterns, natural materials and accessories in your garden?? Then a bohemian garden is also something for you! Finally, we don’t have to go to Ibiza at all.

We might as well create this laid-back vibe at home. Check out these tips!

Choose wood

When you think of natural materials, think of a country-style garden set with lots of wood. But also think of a lounge set with brightly colored cushions where you can chill. Or materials such as bamboo and rattan.

Choose a mix of colors and styles for the wood to bring that bohemian look back into your garden.

Create nooks in the garden

If you have a large garden, it is nice to create different corners. Several places where you can sit, but also one where you can chill, where you can put a hammock or where you can work at a garden table.

Provide accessories

In a bohemian garden, in addition to colors, there are of course plants to choose from. Lots of plants. Plants in beautiful large pots. several happily together for that Urban Jungle in your garden. But also accessories like a pouf, candles, a lounger or decorative pillows in different colors and patterns should not be missing.

Colors create a cozy and warm atmosphere in your garden.

More and more outdoor living

Being indoors, the lockdown and the cold of late has made the feeling of going outside perhaps greater than ever. Make your garden a place where you can really be outdoors. By creating a bohemian garden, you create that vacation feeling, which will make you want to sit outside, but also have the opportunity and possibility to eat outside.

Make your garden your garden

I love the bohemian style. My clothes and my lifestyle are already Bohemian and my living room is starting to breathe more and more of this atmosphere, but my garden is not quite there yet. I have beautiful furniture and a nice lounge sofa, but this summer I definitely want to add more color and atmosphere to my garden.

Join in? And now if you are looking for more inspiration, take a look at my Pinterest board: Bohemian Style

photo’s free image by Sue Rickhuss via Pixabay/ collaboration