Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

3x what to look out for when buying a lounge set

Are you planning to buy a lounge set for the summer in your garden?? Good for you, because a lounge set in the garden is lovely! If you want to know what to look for when buying a lounge set, read on quickly because we have three important tips for you.

1. Which model and size of lounge set

Of course you can have the model of the lounge set you want in your head, but if it does not fit in your garden, that is quite unpleasant. So always start by measuring the area where you want to place the set. This way you know exactly how big the lounge set can be and whether your preferred model will fit in the spot you have in mind for it.
When you know the maximum dimensions, it is useful to make a selection from the different models. There are many Different Models or Lounge Sets for Sale. Think of a corner bench, separate benches, whether or not to add separate chairs or perhaps you would prefer a chaise longue?

2. The materials

Then we come to the second most important choice: the material of the lounge set. The most commonly chosen material is wicker. Wicker is not a natural material, but it does look that way, making it a popular choice for the backyard. Other options include teak or aluminum.
Almost every lounge set comes with cushions, because without them it is not really a nice place to lounge. Here comes another important decision: is the set always under cover or in a closed sunroom?? Then you can confidently choose what you want. But if your lounge set is outside and not covered, choose water-repellent cushions that can stand with a shower. Here in the Netherlands we have to deal with the occasional summer shower, so it is important that your set and cushions can withstand it it.

3. Maintenance

Some lounge sets need more maintenance than others. Don’t feel like cleaning and protecting the whole set with a cover every so often?? Choose a low maintenance type of material. A wooden set will require more maintenance than a plastic one.

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