Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

4 Reasons to Train With Weights

This year you really want to get fit. By now, the year has already started and perhaps little has come of your good intentions. High time to change this. Getting Fit is Perhaps The Most Important Resolution of the Year. As we overcome the current health crisis with any luck, it is clearer than ever how important it is to be in good health. After all, healthy people are less likely to end up in the hospital. MoreOover, you also notice a differentence in the quality of your life. Getting fit can be done in many Different Ways. Bike More, Run More, Follow Workouts on Youtube, Go to the Gym or Course Train With Weights.

With the LATER, MANY PEOPLE IMMEDIATORY THINK OF BULKY BODYBUIDDERS, BUT OF COURSE STENSN’T HAVE TO BE THE CASE. After all, training with Weights Has Benefits for Everyone. Young and Old, Big and Small. MoreOover, you decide how much weight you put on the dumbbell bench. It is Therefore Very Accessible for Everyone.

Yet we still see people doing a lot of cardio if they are because to get fitter. But Avoid Strength Training – For Example with Weights. A Shame, because this can give you a lot of benefits. Curious? We give you 4 reasons to train Weights (More Often).

A Longer Life

Has It Always Been Your Worst Nightmare to Die Young?? And this is partly why you want to live healthier? Then we have good news. Research by an American University in 2014 found that more muscle mass has a major impact on the age we will eventually reach. After all, people with low muscle mass are much more likely to die younger. Muscle mass has proven to be essential for a longer life. Especially as we get older.

Building more muscle mass can of course be done in many different ways, but training with weights is of course the most effective. A long and happy life in a healthy body. What more could you wish for?

It helps in losing weight

People who would like to lose some excess pounds often pay a lot of attention to cardio. Remember that cardio on its own is not always that effective. It does not make you use more energy, for example. Of course you will burn calories, but how is that at rest? The great advantage of increasing muscle mass by training with weights is that it also increases energy consumption. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you will burn every day. Even when you do absolutely nothing one day.

So you can even eat more in a day without gaining extra weight. You might even lose weight!

Becoming physically stronger

Do you notice that you are not physically very strong at all and this is sometimes difficult in everyday life? For example, because you can’t lift the groceries very well or find that daily household chores are too heavy for you? Then of course you want to change this as soon as possible. There are usually no easy solutions, but surely one way to get physically stronger as quickly as possible is to train with weights. You will notice progression after just a few weeks. For example because you can play longer with your (grand)children without getting exhausted. Easily lift a few bags of groceries, etc. This immediately gives more motivation.

Stronger bones

Especially in Older People, Strength Training Can Contribute huge to strengthening the Bones. In An Age Where the Bones Generally Seem to Become More Brittle, This Is of Course Extremely Pleasant. It is precisely in this age group that we see the percentage of broken bones increase significantly. Injuries you would rather not experience at that age. It is of course nothing to have to go to the back on your surroundings simply because you broke something.

Doing More Strength Training Will Strengthen Your Bone Density. This Reduces the Risk of Broken Bones. The Difference in Older People is obvious. Elderly People who do More Strength Training Are Much Less Likely to Break Something Than Those Who Do Not Pay Extra Attention to It. Enough Reason Not To Wait Any Longer and Get Started.