Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

10x what made me happy

Zzzz… good afternoon! Little man is staying over for the weekend and for this mom that means sleeping in and being lazy in pajamas on the couch. I love it! Ok, I appear to be a terrible mother who secretly misses her child. But the little man is having a great time and I am enjoying being childfree‘for a while. Apart from the sprout in my belly then. Nice and Relaxed Overview of the 10 Things That Made Me Happy This Past Week.

1. My Sister Came To Stay With Me Again For A Few Days. My family Doesn't Live nearby So When My Sister Is There For A Few Days, It's Party Time. Going Into the Woods With All Of Us And Seeing That Our Little Man Loves His Auntie.
2. To the cinema with the little man and m ’ s Sister. Laughing at the Minions. The Label for the Movie Says Ages Six and Up, But Our Three Year Old Loved It. Snacking Popcorn and Laughing at the Antics of Steward, Kevin and Bob.
3. Received a Package from Dreamkey Design. Just the unpacking was a party. What a nice webshop! You can find all kinds of awesome stationery and accessories here. Definitely WORTH A VISIT.

That made me happy

4. Another Nice Package Received. Also here I was Already Happy of the Unpacking. Still Too Nice When a Webshop Puts Time in to Pack Something Nice. I love it!
5. Yup, Proud Big Sister. This Big Sister is Always Proud or Her Little Brother and Sister But Last Moment An Extra One. My Little Sister is Running a Dairy Farm This Week ‘ Letterly ’ A Dairy Farm. All Alone, Really So Cool of D ’ R!
6. Little Man Going Crazy. He came as a mask and made himself a superhero. Ask him what hey to be when he grows up and he says; Superhero and daddy. Cute.

That made me happy

7. New Header. Yes, something that made me happy too. Having a good time with bblogt. New Header, Changed Some Small Things in the Layout. Totally fun.
8. Summer Storm! Ok, the storm itself was a bit unfortunate but how handsome it made my horse. My Black Handsome Found the Storm Pretty Exciting and Then He Makes himself Very Big and So Handsome. Also my rabbits enjoyed it because there were a lot of fresh Willow branches in Their Run. Feast!
9. Another Great Smuldate With My Lovely Girlfriends. To celebrate a birthday and housewarming one of the girls made a super tasty cheesecake. Went home with an overfull belly.
10. Sleep Out!

Of course I'm curious again what made you happy this week. Who knows, maybe someone else will benefit from this. Nice anyway?

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