Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Make your own picture frame from Plexiglas – DIY

If you have a beautiful picture or painting that you want to put in a picture frame, you can choose a change frame that you buy. But you can also make your own. That makes it more personal!

In this article I tell you how to make a nice picture frame with plexiglass.

Make your own picture frame

How fun is it to make your own picture frame for a beautiful photo or painting? I occasionally paint myself and then put the canvases somewhere, but actually it is just as much fun to make a nice frame around it myself. You can do that with Plexiglas.

What you need

To make your own picture frame out of plexiglass you need two sheets of plexiglass. Go for the cast variety, as the XT variety can break when you drill holes in it. These days many online stores have a wide range of plexiglass, so you have a lot of choice in sizes and colors.

Depending on what kind of picture frame you want to make, you will need a wooden bar with a slot and two magnets, or spacers.

How to start

First determine the size of the frame according to the size of the picture or painting you want to put in the frame. Keep a few inches of space around the photo to make sure you have enough room for it. There are two ways to make a picture frame out of plexiglass. You can choose to put the two sheets of plexiglass in the wooden beam with the photo in between. Drill two holes in the plates, so you can use the magnets to hold the plates together.

Another way is to glue the photo to the bottom plexiglass sheet and mount the second sheet on top with spacers. This is how you create a ‘floating’ picture frame, so to speak.

Why choose plexiglass??

You can also make a picture frame with normal glass, why choose plexiglass?? Plexiglass is a lot stronger than regular glass, it’s lighter in weight and easier to work with. It is also less expensive, safer to work with and can withstand a bit more rough treatment.

My painting that is now in the laundry room, but of course I can also make a nice frame of plexiglass around it.

Take care of your photos

Do you have any loose photos’s that you are looking for a picture frame for, go ahead and make your own frame yourself. Nothing like doing your own crafting and maybe a nice tip for Father’s Day coming up too.

photo lodiblogt- free image by CARLO BUSELLATO via Pixabay/collaboration