Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Books that this holiday on your ’ List of List ’ have to stand

Well, have to, they are just great tips for good books that I would like to give. I like reading a lot and so I also have books that I really say; They are so good. I made a list of books that actually not on your ’ read list ’ should be missing.

Books on my books list

So in the holidays I read a lot. All the way in the evening I can sit in the books with my nose for hours in a row. These are often reading books, but I also watch art books more and more often. This has actually started since I illustrated my course and got interested in this.

Yet reading books are still big favorite.

The seven sisters, who doesn’t know them

This year I discovered the seven sisters. De Zeven Sisters is the first book of the seven books by Lucinda Riley. After the sudden death of their father, Maia and her sisters come together in their parental home, a beautiful country house on Lake Geneva. The sisters were adopted by Pa Salt as a baby and after his death all receive a letter with a mysterious reference to their origins. Every book is the story of a daughter.

I have read two books myself now. The seven sisters and pearl. I also really want to read the others, because I am very curious what it ends with everyone and what their lives will look like.

I also look at the library every time whether there are other books by this writer and I have now read two of them. They are really big books every time, but so exciting that you read them out.

Lee Child’s books.

Years ago we read a book by Lee Child about the character Jack Reacher. This book was so good that we wanted to read more and more and we searched for this on every book market or King’s Day. We have now been able to streak the list and all the books of the Jack Reacher series are in the cupboard. These are exciting books that you completely take in the story and where you have to look after you don’t read the book at once. There are also two films of the books.

With Tom Cruise in the lead role (which on the other hand is not entirely true, because in the books Jack Reacher is long and wide and that Tom is not that long).

My list of exciting titles

In the category exciting books, we read this year part 4 and 5 of the Millennium books. After the death of the writer Stieg Larsson, who wrote part 1-2 and 3 of the Millennium series, David Lagercrantz has now taken over with the books; what will not kill us and the man who sought his shadow . Part six ‘ She who must die ’ has recently become out. All exciting books at a glance:

  • Lee Child. All Jack Reacher books
  • David Baldacci. Also all books. And if you want to read them all, then you are not read out for the time being, because this writer has a new title every year and sometimes two.
  • Stig Larsson: The Millennium part 1.2,3
  • David Lagerkratz: The Millenium part 4.5.6
  • Gregg Hurwitz: Orphan X (multiple books)

My list of romantic books

The seven sisters already gives a good picture, which books I love and so during the week I think ‘ Hartjes ’ books always very nice to read. Not too much tension or complexities. My favorite book list this year was: