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City trips- The top 10 most popular cities

As the year draws to a close, many people feel like taking city trips. And now that the measures have been relaxed for many European cities, many more. But what are the most popular cities to go to for a few days?

What are the notable newcomers and dropouts?

We can go again

Measures in many destinations are being relaxed more and more, which is why even city trip specialist Bebsy is seeing the number of bookings to European cities increase significantly again. They see exactly which city trips are newcomers, as well as which cities are less frequented and also see a noticeable increase in the number of bookings with combined flights. So that you fly there on a different airline than you fly back.

This can sometimes benefit financially And often means spending almost a full extra day in the destination city.

Top 10 city trips

What are the top 10 most popular cities to visit on a city break?? Since we obviously had nowhere to go in 2020, we looked at 2019 and compared it here. As in 2019, Rome remains popular and ranks first in the top 10. Surprising newcomer Barcelona. This Spanish city ranks second in the top 10 city trips.

While two years ago this city was ranked #12. Other newcomers are Seville and Milan. At number 3 on the list is Lisbon. But some cities have also disappeared from the top 10.

These are Venice, Marrakesh and London. Now of course with London they are losing popularity mainly because of Brexit. It’s not so easy to get into England anymore, there will be longer lines at customs and what about hassles with data bundles and roaming.

What are the most popular destinations

What does the top 10 look like:

Look for combination flights

Bebsy Offers As One of the Few Travel Providers The Possibility to Select Combination Flights. That is, Flying on a Different Airline On The Way Out Than On The Way Back. In Some Cases, This Can Save Up To Almost € 100.

Also, Flying Back On A Different Airline May Mean Flying Back On A Later Flight. So More Time Can then Spent In The Chosen City. This is and choice you can make should you want to take a city trip.

A Weekend Trip

How nice it is to get away for a weekend, visit a city for a midweek and choose one of the popular city trips? See If Combination Flight is for you and if it is Actual Cheaper. I Always Thought This would actual be More Expective, But So You See. Looking carefully and finding the right site is important.

Please Check the Rules Beforehand. What’s Your Next Destination?