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How I discovered Pilates at Good Life Academy

Three times a week I work out. I do boot camp once and sport at home twice. I also started running again, but soon ran into an Achilles tendon injury, so I put that on hold for a while. I like working out at home, just on a mat in the living room.

For about two years I have been following a program where I exercise with weights, skipping rope and kettlebell. Meanwhile, I’m actually ready for something new and was excited when I saw a call about Online Pilates classes. I had never done Pilates before, so it was completely new to me.

Today I take you along on my discovery of Pilates and may I offer you a discount code to take these classes yourself.

Home sports

I started boot camp a year ago. I find this super to do, the exercises, but especially the motivating words of the trainer let me go further and faster. I climb once a fortnight in an indoor climbing gym and the rest I do at home. I am not the gym type, although I can’t say I am, because I have never seen the inside of a gym.

But I guess I’m not a gym type. I like the fact that I can plan my own time when I work out at home. When I have half an hour free, I get my stuff, turn on the computer and start.

In 2015, I started the Bikini Body Guide by Kaya itsines. These are heavy workouts. But after more than two years I know these exercises and don’t notice as much progression anymore.

Time for something new!

Online Pilates

Then I came across a call asking for enthusiasts who wanted to take Online Pilates. Just from home. This sounded good to me.

I had just started running again, but I suffered an Achilles tendon injury pretty quickly and had to take a break from running. But other exercises are possible of course. And although I only knew Pilates from hearsay, I signed up with Good Living Academy.

What is pilates?

I was able to start classes pretty quickly. Before I did, I started learning about Pilates. Because what is this exactly.I found the following information about Pilates. Pilates is a training method that focuses on posture, stability, coordination, breathing and focus on body and mind.

It is an effective workout that simultaneously strengthens and stretches muscle groups to achieve a balanced and supple body.

The whole body is involved in Pilates, but you mainly train trunk stability. So basically the muscles around your back, abdomen and pelvis. Pilates gives you stronger core muscles, better posture, more stability, increased flexibility and overall physical fitness.

Good Life Academy

And then I started the training. I got eight Pilates classes. These last about 20 minutes and all you need is a mat and two towels. The lessons are taught by Annemarie (Piates teacher) and demonstrated by Hanne (owner of Good Life Academy).

Since pilates is completely new to me, I did the first week twice the class of week 1, the next week twice the class of week 2 and so on. I noticed that it’s not all that easy yet.

What struck me most was learning to breathe differently. It is well explained in the first lesson and actually you are always aware of your breathing. The exercises you do have to do with balance and equilibrium. I’m used to working with weights, they don’t come into play at all here.

You use your own body to do the exercises. Because you are so aware of what you are doing, you are very concentrated with the exercises and you are always exercising different muscle groups.

During the exercises I put the laptop next to me so I could follow the instructions precisely. Annemarie’s voice is very nice to work with. She talks calmly and clearly and because Nanne demonstrates the exercises, it is easy to follow and you can’t make any mistakes.

My general conclusion about pilates

Because of the many concentrated movements and proper breathing you learn, I feel that my core has already become firmer now. I feel I am sitting and walking straighter and definitely think this is not only from the exercises, but also from the awareness I have gained of the muscles that are there. The movements are very controlled and calm, so the risk of injury is small and Pilates is really for everyone.

What’s so positive about Good Life Academy’s Online Training:

  • There are 8 lessons. You can do two a week or like me the first class 2 or 3 times.
  • Clearly explained exercises.
  • Because the exercises are done beforehand nothing can go wrong.
  • all you need is a mat and two towels.
  • You use your body resistance.
  • Good for your back, belly and pelvis.
  • You can do the exercises whenever you want.
  • Just at home in your own environment.

More Online Classes

These Online Pilates exercises are offered by Good Life Academy Learning Environment In addition to these classes, you can take more online courses, as ‘Power mom, well balanced’ , ‘Clean up your life’ and ‘Energy balance for mom’s’.

Discount code for you

The site has been taken down

I am very enthusiastic about these pilates classes and will definitely continue with them. I don’t really miss the weights and heavy exercises. Have you become enthusiastic after my blog. I may now offer these same classes with a discount code*. When you sign up, enter the code Lodi then you get €40.00 discount on the program and pay € 57.00.

You then have access for a year and receive guidance via email (via an email series with tips and motivational encouragement).

*the discount code is valid until October 1, 2017

For these online pilates classes and other courses, take a look at the site