Thu. May 30th, 2024

Loungewear: the perfect outfits for home

Now that we work from home a lot in these uncertain times, you might also like to wear comfortable clothes. But if you don’t want to walk around in an old jogging suit, loungewear is the ideal outfit for you. Loungewear is comfortable and trendy and fashionable!

Comfortable clothes for home

House suits or loungewear we often wear for more comfort in and around the house. And while home suits used to be considered boring, loungewear is now trendy and fashionable! It’s a whole new category of clothing that is super nice, comfortable and keeps you warm!

Ideal for at home, especially now that we are indoors so much, but also great to wear when we can go outside again.

Comfortable clothes

With loungewear, elements of sportswear are combined with soft fabrics for a nice fit. Ideal, comfortable clothes to wear at home. There are often zippers in these outfits as well as wonderfully soft hats.

Loungewear stands for more comfort in and around the house. And isn’t that exactly what we need in these anxious and uncertain times? Although I often wear dresses and skirts, my lounge pants from LASCANA are perhaps my favorite pants.

And not just now! I have been wearing these with pleasure for years.

My favorite loungewear

What are more outfits that are comfortable to wear and that you can feel at home in?? Below I have made a small collection of my favorites:

  • Hoodie Bench
  • Sweatshirt Calvin Klein
  • Sweat dress Bench
  • Sweatshirt s.Oliver
  • Loungewear Buffalo
  • Relaxation Bench.
  • Relaxshort Bench
  • Sweatshort Bench

Buy your outfit easily online

Do you prefer to walk around all day in your loungewear or do you love it for the ultimate relaxing evening at home. You buy your outfit now very easily online. And besides, these outfits are really not to be worn just for now, while you are home alone or sitting inside with your family all day long. You can also wear these outfits when we get together with family and friends again.

Finally you can be seen outside with this loungewear!