Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Printable Car Bingo

Several years ago I ‘emigrated’ from the beautiful polder of Brabant to the Westland. I have settled in quite well here but my whole family now lives at a distance. I regularly visit my parents and the little man comes along.

These are always hefty trips so then it's nice to take some entertainment with you in the back seat. Looking forward to summer vacation and hours of driving, I hereby share a fun activity for the back seat. Car Bingo!

Car Bingo

On the road, the toddler and I often do games like ‘who is the first one …. sees’. Great entertainment but sometimes it's not so useful when I'm driving on a busy A15. Usually it is more practical then to just pay attention to the road instead of the surroundings. So there had to be a solution. Something the little guy can do just fine on his own.

So I crawled behind the laptop and tapped into my Word skills once again. The outcome is an A4 sheet of Auto Bingo. In car bingo, the aim is for your child to find and tick all the pictures on the card. I chose things that you can come across basically everywhere.

Especially on longer drives it should be possible to cross off the map completely.

I laminated the card myself so it can be used with a whiteboard marker. This also works with a wax or crayon by the way. Perhaps a little safer in terms of clothing and toddler heads getting smudged. Wax or grease crayons can be wiped off with a damp cloth.

Then you can put the map on a clipboard so your child has a hard surface in the car. I chose to keep it in a ring binder. So I can keep expanding the ring binder with games and activities for the road.

There will be fun blog posts about this in the future, of course.

Printable Car Bingo

To make it easy for you, here is a printable of our Car Bingo. Open the PDF, print it out and get to work. Then of course don't forget to take it with you in the car!

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